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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hot Scatter

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Hot Scatter Slot

We have a surprise for every classical fruit themed slots fan as the Amatic released the Hot Scatter free that exceeds your expectations. By making the game simpler by not involving way too many features and confusing symbols and their effects, a player can take his brain on a relaxing journey which could ultimately bring fortune. As the reels are spinning all the time and they are getting hotter and hotter, the Scatter comes into play to bring you a delightful present which is going to make your smile curve. The symbols are evenly located on the 5×3 reel platform, which also involves 10 pay-lines, and they have never looked juicier! Graphic design and animations will trick your mind into thinking that the symbol characters are real, but don’t get sucked into it as they just mirror a life-like experience.


Most of the time during a Hot Scatter game session the gameplay revolves around setting up a nice and optimized bet along with the number of play lines and using offered features to maximize the amount of collected money. This should only worry you while being stuck in the base game while the rules completely change when the bonus comes to the play.

Being in the base game requires constant attention on the balance in order of knowing how to set up a quality bet and lower the risks of losing. One can set the betting range from the minimal 1 to maximal 500 coins. The more combinations a player completes, the more money is received during one session. To do that, it is required to score 3 or more similar symbols on active pay-line to earn the prize. Symbols are counted from left to the right except for the scatter which doesn’t need to land in a specific spot to form a successful strike.

Nevertheless, a gambler can use both ordinary symbols and special ones such as Scatter while the rest of them like Wild and Bonus ones are not involved. The most valuable ordinary card is the lucky 7 for when 5 of them land a gambler receives 125 000 coins!

Special Symbols

It would not be called a Hot Scatter if it didn’t bring the heat. The scatter symbol in here sure does that as it unlocks a Hot Scatter casino slot online bonus level. Once a Scatter win occurs, a player moves from the base to the bonus level which carries a possibility of winning the Jackpot!

  • Scatter – Is presented as a blue star. As already mentioned, it doesn’t matter on which reel spot it lands as long as it does. Once a gambler manages to line up 3 to 5 of these, the Free Spinning feature becomes available. A player gets 15 free turns every time independently of the number of scatters forming a combo as long as it is above 3.
  • Hot Scatter Bonus – During this, each spin doesn’t require a betting stake and only the first one which activated the feature comes into consideration when calculating a total won coin amount. This level lasts as long as there are remaining automatic spins. Not only that this bonus can be re-triggered during one game session but during the bonus itself. Landing 3 to 5 scatters give 15 free spins no matter what. Try and get as many combinations as their pay-out becomes multiplied 3 times! Once you enter this, a chain of lucky moves can strike you a Jackpot with ease!

Gamble or Collect?

The Hot Scatter slot allows each person to express its gambling preferences in the best possible way. For those who like to play Hot Scatter for real money safe and are patient, the “Collect” button is certainly the one which they are going to use the most. However, this comes in handy only when in dangerous times as otherwise, it would be pointless to waste luck and coins just like that. Again, it would also be pointless to keep the “Gamble” option active all the time as more money would be spent easily. To balance between these two, one must keep an eye on balance.

  1. Gamble– This can be active at all the times or activated after each win. While gambling a player has to choose the right color of the face-down card. If the answer is correct, the won sum becomes doubled.
  2. Half– Doubled money can be cut in half and collected while there is a possibility to gamble the rest once more.

Taste the Feeling

This game brings juicy refreshments for each hungry player. This fruit themed slot may be simple but very effective. The best part is that combinations occur constantly! If one wants to try and play Hot Scatter online slot machine all that has to be done is visit some of the slot sites. For those that seek to try their odds while playing Hot Scatter for real money, it is available at many online slot casinos.