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Sunday, July 3, 2022

This site was born on June 12th 2015. It was created to tackle the ever growing need for an unbiased look at mobile gambling, an industry currently in boom.

Our Rating System

The site has been separated into four specific categories; sports betting, casino, bingo and poker. Real money apps in each category are reviewed and scored out of 100% across the four main fields of graphics, usability, bonuses and promotions to produce an overall rating. It goes without saying that the closer to the 100% mark an app scores the higher we rate it.

We try our absolute best to point out both the positives and probably more importantly the negatives with each app and assign a score accordingly.

A total of 42 different apps have been reviewed at present and plans are in motion to increase this number with the addition of apple watch app reviews in the near future.

Why should you trust our reviews?

You’re probably wondering why on earth your should trust our reviews? Well we are a group of guys who build websites for a living, yes we do make money from this site and we’re not afraid to admit it, but we also have a wealth of experience with online gambling as well.

Every single person who has written and reviewed for the site is an actual user of real money gambling apps. In fact there’s probably no one left in the office who doesn’t have multiple gaming apps on their phone for personal use as well as for the purpose of ‘research’, wink wink.

So even though we do make money from our site (we get a small fee if you decide to use one of the apps we’ve reviewed) you can rest assured we know what we’re talking about and we hope this shines through in our content.

So who are we then?

philPhil Jones – Phil is the main editor of the site and the guy who manages what content goes where and what content makes the cut and what doesn’t. He’s a big sports betting fan and enthusiastic online poker player (who definitely thinks he’s better than he is).

If you have a question about anything that’s written on the website then Phil is the man to get in touch with. Oh and if you find any spelling or grammar errors then please get in touch and let us know so the lads in the office can let Phil know he’s doing a stellar job!

Currently he has the following gambling apps installed on his smartphone; Bet365 app, Bet365 poker app, Betvictor app, Paddy Power app, Betfred app.

paulPaul Marsh – Paul is one of our reviewers and is responsible for a number of reviews in the sports, casino and poker sections of the website. He’s a long time value hunter and flicks from app to app on a regular basis chasing the best bonuses and promotions. He’ll bet on anything if there’s a good enough incentive on offer.

Paul currently has the following apps on his trusty iPad; Bet365 app, Skybet app (he loves the £5 free bet club), Sky Poker app, Paddy Power app (for the money back specials of course) and the Betvictor casino app.

jennyJenny Richardson – Jenny is responsible for all the bingo app reviews we have on the site and a good percentage of the casino app reviews as well. She’s more of a casual gamer and enjoys low stakes slot games as well as a bit of bingo from time to time.

She’s also a big of a jackpot chaser so she moves from app to app depending on which company has the biggest progressive jackpots running.

On her phone right now; Bet365 casino & bingo apps, Unibet casino app, Betfred casino & bingo, Sky bet app, Paddy power bingo app, William Hill bingo app.

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If you have any questions about the site or what’s on it then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and let us know what you’re thinking. Do so using the contact form below: